CCTV systems, installed from £395+vat

Benefits of CCTV


The benefit of CCTV is that it acts as a deterrent against potential criminals realising there is an added chance of being caught on footage whilst perpetrating the crime, therefore your business or home is less likely to become a target.



We offer a wide range of DVR's ranging from 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 channel with different size hard drives from 1tb upwards. All our installs, we aim for 30day+ storage at any one time of recorded footage.

Choice of cameras


Also, we offer a wide range of cameras suited to your requirements including dome and bullet cameras through to PTZ cameras and vandal proof domes, even covert cameras.

Self monitoring


Our CCTV systems can be self monitored from anywhere in the world through the internet on either an iPhone, Android, PC or laptop/iMac.

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Want to listen and record sound?


An ideal add-on to your CCTV system. The MIC can be installed on the ceiling in the centre of the area to be covered, it simultaneously records sound whilst the CCTV camera records the motion. We have MIC's installed in nurseries, above reception areas and shop counters.

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We install A4 size CCTV warning signs or smaller window stickers with every installation we carry out, required by law, they make staff and the public aware they are being recorded. 

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