Top 10 Benefits Of Having CCTV For Your Home & Business


The importance of a Video Surveillance System or CCTV cannot be understated. With modern and advanced security systems, a CCTV camera allows you to significantly reduce the cost of protecting your home & business premise and your assets. Our systems reliably provide quality and seamless monitoring. This gives you some peace of mind as you go about your daily operations.

Whether its your home or your business is a retail outlet or a commercial property, you need to make careful and well-thought considerations when it comes to your security. You need quality cameras bearing in mind that there are many CCTV products in the market today. With a quality CCTV system, you are assured of enhanced efficiency as well as increased productivity in your operations. At the same time, there are many advantages of a CCTV installation in your home or business including:

  • Reducing vandalism.
  • Reducing the risk of break-ins.
  • Enhanced safety within your business premise.
  • Reduced employee or staff incidents.

1. Crime prevention

By installing CCTV cameras in strategic locations in your home or business, you enhance security. You prevent acts of vandalism, serious crimes and break-ins. This is extremely vital in high crime areas. If you are running a non-retail business, a security system helps you to prevent intellectual and property theft. In some cases, employees are often responsible for property theft. Therefore, a security system helps you to create a safer working environment.

2. Real-time surveillance

Real-time surveillance in a home or business is a major purpose of CCTV. It enables you to have a real-time recording of all happenings. You do not need to hire a security person. Self remote monitoring of CCTV is done from a remote computer, tablet or mobile phone. Separate cameras can also use a single window to view the footage.

3. Enhanced employee productivity

For a retail business, factory, hotel or a supermarket, having CCTV surveillance enhances employee productivity. Your employees will work their best knowing that they are monitored with or without your presence.

4. Criminal evidence

In the event of a crime, CCTV offers evidence that an offence indeed took place. It also helps relevant authorities to track down criminals. Judges, on the other hand, will provide a just ruling based on the evidence in a CCTV footage. All our CCTV systems are digitally watermarked.

5. Reduces employee related incidences

Employee-related incidences are common in workplaces, especially those without CCTV. CCTV however, helps to prevent sexual harassment, theft and workplace violence because all employees are aware of 24hr monitoring. What’s more, it prevents skimming behaviours amongst employees since as an employer or business owner, you can easily detect such when reviewing your monthly or weekly footage.

6. Handling disputes

Disputes are bound to occur between neighbours, employees, managers and employees or different stakeholders. In such cases, it is always easy to determine the exact cause of a dispute before things get out of control. A CCTV system offers ample prove to help you handle disputes and reach a fair agreement.

7. Enhance customer experience

In a retail space, CCTV enhances a customer shopping experience. You can always monitor and observe the behaviours of different clients. As a result, it will be easier to create a shopping platform where clients feel valued, cared for, and confident when shopping. What’s more, you can enhance the quality of your products based on client conversations captured by the CCTV.

What’s more, installing CCTV in your parking area builds confidence amongst your clients. Remember, cars and car accessories are often stolen. However, if the place is closely monitored, you can keep an eye on thieves who steal from shoppers. As a result, your clients will feel safe whenever they arrive, when they are shopping and when they are leaving your business premise.

8. Reduce security costs

A security installer also comes with an added benefit of cutting down your security-related costs. Installing CCTV means reducing the number of security personnel who would have manned your entire premise. With advanced cameras in the market today, you can go for high-end wireless cameras. They are reliable, highly functional, smaller in size, and are less obstructive. The cameras are also very clear, and they come with night infrared support. For this reason, you can monitor all the activities in your home or business regardless of the time of the day or night. The beauty of advanced models is that they are cheap to maintain. Therefore, instead of having one CCTV camera in your business premise, you can get an affordable full-scale CCTV system.

9. Quality monitoring of high-risk areas

The use of CCTV in high-risk areas comes with extra benefits. This is common in factories and businesses that deal with dangerous goods and chemicals. Therefore, if you feel that it is not safe for your personnel to monitor restricted areas, you can enhance its security using CCTV cameras in such locations. The cameras help you to monitor the areas in real time. To benefit from your system, identify accident-prone areas to be monitored so that you can enhance the security of your investment as well as that of your employees. Furthermore, you can protect your clients using CCTV installed in high-risk areas. A point to note is that new customers may not have a better understanding of your premise. Some may access unauthorised areas unknowingly. Therefore, with CCTV, you can help to protect your employees and customers from accessing high-risk areas.

10. Full proof protection/coverage

An efficient CCTV system helps to provide full prove coverage to your business premise. In the past, many businesses would lose a lot of money due to bad vices amongst employees, such as giving out unnecessary discounts to their friends and families. However, a CCTV system offers a reliable security mesh that can be monitored and tracked down through different command systems. Therefore, you will be able to keep an eye on all operations, vulnerable areas and ensure all activities are carried out as per company regulations. What’s more, you can prevent human errors during stocktaking and other unforeseen mistakes that can put the security of your business at risk. It is equally important to note that even with CCTV cameras in your home or business, there are culprits that are likely to break in. In the event of such incidences, your CCTV increases your chances of capturing culprits and having them face the law.